want to Sell on SUKHIM.IN?

Do you make your own products and want to sell online? We help you sell your products across India, without you having to be involved in any way.

We are committed to help you to scale your business across India. We take care of all the logistics and shipping policy, so you do not have to worry about anything.

You can start selling in just few steps.

  • Get the required documents ready.
  • Take pictures of your products
  • Register with SUKHIM.IN
  • Start selling
---Explore our Solution---

Our Solutions To Maximize Selling

We help you sell across the country, and at anytime with our wide reach of our customers by giving you a right platform to showcase your product to the right customers at the right time. Registering with our solution helps you to expand your service radius, bring visibility to your brand name and products, increases your sales and provide you a potential lucrative sales to make your brand meet your customers’ expectations.

We understand the need of your customers, be it small, medium or large: and keeping in mind the overall quality products delivery. The growth of your clients is the growth of our company and there is no looking back, moving forward to work better and better every day.

Let's get started really quick

With a huge customer base we help you and your company get the maximum reach, promoting and selling your amazing products. A total of 20% is only what we charge you for selling on our platform.

5% Cloud Storage Fee

With cloud storage being the secured and most reliable, we had no other choice but to opt for it.

5% Promotion Fee

An old proverb goes by saying, ``those who speak will sell the flour, who doesn't cant even sell rice.

3% Platform Fee

With the robust design and cutting edge technologies our systems are faster and secure.

3% Payment Handling Fee

When it comes to accepting and sending payments a nominal fee is always incurred.

2% Service Fee

A nominal fee of 2% is charged as a service fee for all the support that you would be receiving from us.

0% Listing and Annual Fee

There is 0% fee as Listing Fee and Annual Fee.

What should I need to get started

Here is what all you need to register with us. Apart from these there is nothing else that is needed.

Business Name

This is what you will be known in www.sukhim.in and to the rest of our customers.

TAX Details

Details of TAX if your business fall under the respective TAX category.

Bank Account Details

Bank account is must because that's where you will receive the withdrawals.

Business Address

This is where your business is being operated from. If there is any changes, please update the same.

ID Proof

At least one ID of the owner of the business to be updated in the system.

Permanent Address

At times the business may be operated from a different location, and may not be convenient to get in touch always.

Contact Number

Without a phone number a business would not sustain, and we ask you to enter valid number.

Email ID

Please provide a business email and the one that you have access to it.

I am ready let's start

If you accept the terms and conditions and would like to sell with us, register with us and start selling. Or if you have any questions and would like to get in touch, you can schedule a meeting with us.
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